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About Webenze

Webenze Host is founded on one simple principle - affordable, reliable Web hosting can be smarter. We believe your website should do more than just exist online without any interruptions. Your website should be your calling card, your portal to success and make a stellar first impression for those who come across it with its performance and abilities.

Webenze web servers with multiple fast connections are critical in ensuring that your web site runs smoothly. Only behind the hosting company's firewall and additional security on their web servers can you seek to keep your website safe from unwelcome intruders. Spam and virus filtering is another essential feature which should be taken into account with all email facilities. This is again possible with only Webenze web hosting.

Apart from the above, there are many other useful reasons. Certain components responsible for Webenze web hosting not only decrease your stress but also increase productivity. Webenze web hosting is known to provide dependable uptime so that you can make changes on your website and upload it for customers to view in minimal time.

Webenze web hosting is vital for serious business clients who need their web sites to be fully-functional and their domains accessible at all times. These businesses could be any online industry, be it bank, financial institutes, railway and flight online booking sites or even ecommerce sites. Only with help of Webenze web hosting can you maintain the highest level of security for discreet user transaction on any website.

If your site is integrated with a dependable Content Management System (CMS) through which you seek to update your site on daily basis then Webenze web hosting becomes all the same critical. To stay ahead in today's online competition you need a secure and flexible website and this is only possible with help of Webenze web hosting.

We have hosted hundreds of different websites with very different needs. Our main focus has been effective client communication, which is why we have a reliable reputation and work hard to keep it. We are very proud of our company since it first began and look forward to continuing to grow and offer a full array of web services for our clients.

Our Technologies

  • Quad Processor Servers
  • Linux Operating System
  • Customized Apache Web Server
  • UPS Power Back-up Generator
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Courtesy Site Backups
  • OC-96 Backbone Connection
  • 400 Gigabits Per Second
  • Backup battery bay + generator
  • 2x2 leibert 120 tons cooling capacity
  • 4 units 2 on 2 off at any given time
  • Dedicated IP available
  • fm2000 fire suppression system
  • Biometric Security with cctv system
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